Dr.Doom Strikes Again


Good stuff from Dr.Doom,even though his more dire predictions,following the 2007 crash have not-yet-materialized.

But, as everyone kicks the can down the road, the can is getting heavier and, in the major emerging markets and advanced economies alike, is approaching a brick wall. Policymakers can either crash into that wall, or they can show the leadership and vision needed to dismantle it safely.”

The can,Dr.Roubini is referring to,is essentially the need to resolve the mounting global debt crisis,now affecting the EU and likely to soon affect the US as well.How long can markets ignore this brick wall is the fundamental question for every investor-analyst.In our view,only a massive write-off debt on a global scale can achieve this,but the powers-that-be appear not to have come with a plan to address it..Increased geopolitical tensions across the globe lately,serve as a reminder that the “other option”,namely war,is always available..

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