A Rethink Under Way?

“But instead of worrying about a clash of civilizations or fantasizing about their convergence through a process of U.S.-led cultural globalization, we need to consider another option: a live-and-let-live arrangement under which national cultures evolve on their own, reflecting their unique histories, values and time horizons.”

Words from a very nice piece that touches upon a core issue in US strategic thinking and elite mentality,the exceptionalism of American values and how in practice they can lead to double standards and contradictory approaches.We will have to note,that in our belief,US will inevitably experience a shift in this mentality in the coming years,becoming somewhat more introverted,even though its “imperial apparatus” will likely remain as it is.And that,no matter whether it is the hard-line,pro intervention Republicans or the more missionary-oriented Democrats with their favourite NGOs,that manage to elect their candidate.





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