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“Αιδώς Αργείοι”-Shame on you Argives

“Force is necessary to achieve justice. And the provision of weapons is the only way to achieve peace in Syria’s case,” Sheikh Hamad told ministers at the start of the talks.[1]

Had not the blood of so many innocents been spilled already,and had not these words heralded even more senseless anguish and death for the Syrian people,it would have sounded as a line from an “opera buffa”-the line of a madman or a jester..Yet this is what nowadays passes as serious high-level diplomacy,where the “responsible” members of the international community-spearheaded of course by the “civilized” west-gather in order to find a solution to the ongoing Syrian war.Their answer-fuel the conflict by arming the extremists..

The level of ridiculousness is only exceeded by the level of hypocrisy and short-sightedness,abundant in western power centers for quite some time now..And for those naive enough to consider it an example of Realpolitik,here[2] is a good article that serves to clarify things.In our view,this escalation can only benefit those radical groups that wish to see an all-out Shia vs Sunni war across the region.It comes as  no surprise that these groups,whether in Syria,the Caucasus,Boston or downtown London,are funded by the same Middle Eastern governments that persistently call for intervention[3].

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