Monday 29/7 Reads

The Rise of the Christian Left in America (The Atlantic)

1994 Redux? “It’s A Bear Market Waiting To Happen” (Zerohedge)

Asia’s Weakening Economies – How Concerned Should the World Be? (The Diplomat)

Deja Vu on Margin Debt – 2013 Repeats 1999 & 2007? (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Europe’s ‘recovery’ is a conjuring trick (The Telegraph)

17 bombs explode across Iraq killing at least 60 (RT)



Saturday 27/7 Reads

Marc Faber: “It’s Gonna End One Day… Through War Or Financial Collapse” (Zerohedge)

Sequestration Will Hollow Our Military (The National Interest)

Egypt launches military operation to combat terrorism in Sinai (Xinhua)

At least 46 dead and 708 injured in Egypt clashes – Health Ministry (RT)

Cyclical vs. defensive equities performance points to diverging economies (Sober Look)

Leader: The new mood of conservative triumphalism is at odds with reality (New Statesman)

Gold Stocks Bull Market Rebirth (The Market Oracle)

Giant Robots Fight Giant Lizards in Globalization Allegory (The American Conservative)