Monday 27/5 Reads

Britain is a lab rat for George Osborne’s austerity programme experiment (Guardian)

Apple’s Tax Dodge Should Prompt Rethink in Ireland (Bloomberg)

Wave of Baghdad bombings kills more than 50 (Reuters)

Japanese Stocks Extend Overnight Plunge – Down Over 14% From Highs (Zerohedge)

Russia, Greece, Turkey, Other Central Banks Buy Gold; China’s PBOC Buying? (GoldCore)

The Spiritual Crisis of the Bourgeois Bohemians (The American Conservative)


6 Sunday Reads

Government by Eurocrats: The Olive-Oil Dispenser Debacle (Testosterone Pit)

Israel: The vision and the fantasy (Al Jazeera)

MAULDIN: Japan Is On The Brink Of Disaster (Business Insider)

Black Market or Bust: The Stark Choice Facing Many of Spain’s Self-Employed (Raging Bull-shit)

Hezbollah leader vows to win Syrian war (RT)

IEA warns Germany on soaring green dream costs (Telegraph)