Sunday 27/10 Reads

Embassy Espionage: The NSA’s Secret Spy Hub in Berlin (Spiegel)

Mark Faber Fears “Stocks Could Be Dead Money For A While” But “Gold Has Bottomed” (Zerohedge)

56 killed in day of carnage as 11 car bombs rip through Iraq (RT)

Thousands gather in Washington for anti-NSA ‘Stop Watching Us’ rally (Guardian)

Open Letter to the World Gold Council (Sprott)

Code Red – Central Bankers Gone Wild (John Mauldin-Market Oracle)

Abe says ready to be more assertive against China (Asahi Shimbun)

Gents don’T Read One Another’s Mail (Lew Rockwell)


Wednesday 23/10 Reads

Saudi Arabia severs diplomatic ties with US over response to conflict in Syria (Daily Mail)

Troika Wants To Strip Greece Of Defense, Auto Industries, Greece Balks: The Troika-Greece Can-Kicking Toxic Loop (Zerohedge)

Green energy rethink: ‘Paying huge amounts of money to do nothing (RT)

Exorbitant Privilege, Deficit and Debt Damaging the US Brand (John Mauldin-The Market Oracle)

Russia grabs China oil and gas export deals (Reuters)

Eurobonds scandal: The high street giants avoiding millions in tax (Independent)

The West Holds the Wrong Market Mindset When It Comes to Gold (Financial Sense)

In Swat Valley, U.S. drone strikes radicalizing a new generation (CNN)

Nuke officers left blast door open (AP)






Thursday 10/10 Reads

Chomsky to RT: All superpowers feel exceptional, inflate security myth for ‘frightened population’ (RT)

The Pivot Under Pressure (The Diplomat)

Radiation levels near damaged Fukushima reactor hit two-year high (Asahi Shimbun)

Greek Unemployment Rate Hits 27.6 Percent in July (ABC News)

The End of the U.S. Military’s Tech Edge? (The National Interest)

Unprecedented shift in temperature will begin to hit tropics in less than a decade (Independent)

Developing East Asia slows, but continues to lead global growth at 7.1% in 2013 (World Bank)

US adults are dumber than the average human (NY Post)

Sunday 6/10 Reads

David Stockman Explains The Keynesian State-Wreck Ahead – Sundown In America (Zerohedge)

Two Nations, Under Mammon (The American Conservative)

Libyan gunmen kill 15 soldiers (BBC)

Gold and Emperors With No Clothes – From Nero To Nixon To Obama (The Market Oracle)

Nuclear scare at Navy submarine base after ‘unbelievable’ failures (Independent)

Uncertain World: The US Internal Crisis and its Global Significance (RIA)

As Obama’s Asia ‘pivot’ falters, China steps into the gap (Reuters)

Friday 4/10 Reads

Gold Gut Check 2013 – Is the Secular Bull Market Still on Course (The Market Oracle)

Rajoy Horror Picture Show Hits The Road (Testosterone Pit)

Dictatorships (Lew Rockwell)

Russia’s Military Is Back (The National Interest)

Humanitarian Wars and Their NGO Foot-Soldiers (Mises Institute)

Yellowstone Supervolcano Alert: The Most Dangerous Volcano In America Is Roaring To Life (The American Dream)


Friday 20/9 Reads

Dow New High, Another Stocks Bear Market Goes Up in Smoke, Forget QE Tapering Expect Expansion! (The Market Oracle)

‘Unleashed and unaccountable’ – ACLU condemns FBI in new report (RT)

Putin Slams West Over Vague Plans for Syria Without Assad (RIA)

Trade Is Supposed To Save Japan, According To The Gospel Of Abenomics, But In Reality… (Testosterone Pit)

Did The Fed Bailout Turkey? (Zerohedge)

Confused senator attempts to publish column in Communist newspaper from distant past (Salon)

Al-Qaeda attacks in Yemen kill 56 troops, police (Voice of Russia)

Fed’s Economic Projections – Myth Vs. Reality (Sep 2013) (Streettalklive)